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3D-UV Raised Spot Gloss

  • Raised gloss you can see and feel

  • Compatible with variable data

  • Suitable for braille

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Raised gloss you can see and feel!

Our 3D-UV is a spot gloss finish that you need to see and feel to believe.  It’s the perfect finish to business cards, front covers to presentations and printed packaging.

3D-UV is most effective in highlighting elements of your printing, or adding that extra pattern and texture to promotional printing.  To enable 3D-UV to work effectively, you’ll need matte laminate to coat your printing.  The silky matte laminate is the perfect contrast to the high-gloss 3D-UV finish.

Flat Spot UV Gloss

Flat UV is also available.  It’s cheaper and flexible for folding and trimming!

Flat UV

Compatible with variable data

3D-UV is printed digitally, which is exciting news for variable data printing!

Print a unique design or name on each print in 3D-UV using variable data. Follow our Artwork Guidelines for 3D-UV and Variable Data to make it work.

Suitable for braille

3D-UV can be tailored for braille printing for the visually impaired.

Traditionally an expensive and lengthy process, braille has now gone digital!  To enable the 3D-UV to form a readable height for braille, we recommend a special card stock, press settings and artwork requirements.

Trade pricing

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